Projects of the CRPP Precision MS


Aim 1

To develop individual disease/risk profiles and markers for specific pathomechanisms that can be used for clinical follow-up, treatment decisions and as measures for innovative clinical trials.

  • Biomarkers of T-B cell interactions
  • CSF biomarker profiles
  • Digital medicine
  • Exploratory Imaging

These projects will contribute to the overall comparison of data from the studies under this aim with clinical data, digital disease measures and imaging findings.

Aim 2

Applications of novel markers in routine clinical setting and stratification in experimental therapies

  • Applying multimodal imaging in patient stratification
  • Application of stratification schemes in clinical trials

To serve this aim, a core aspect of the CRPP-PrecisionMS is to build a cohort of MS patients for prospective assessment and evaluation of promising disease markers for individual prognosis and patient stratification. The systematic and standardized application of a defined set of biomarkers, clinical and imaging measures in routine clinical care aims to establish and validate the most discriminative set of prognostic parameters for individual risk assessments and to provide the basis for a stratification scheme to guide personalized treatment decisions for patients with MS.

Within the prospective cohort of the CRPP-PrecisionMS we aim to establish a standard scheme for personalized treatment decisions and validate new clinical parameters for continuous patient monitoring using novel mobile health applications and MRI measures of different disease processes. Novel biomarkers shall complement the scheme to provide information on important disease processes. Therefore, between 50-100 newly diagnosed patients (CIS, RRMS, SP- and PPMS) shall be examined within the first two years before and under their respective treatments, which will be initiated after assessing their disease risk