Members of the CRPP Precision MS

The investigative team of PrecisionMS involves experts in immunology and EBV virology (labs of C. Münz, M. Sospedra, R. Martin), quantitative cell biology (L. Pelkmans lab), MR and OCT imaging methods (S. Schippling group), biostatistics, data modeling and integration, (U. Held, G. Rätsch), App-based outcome measures and citizen science (E. Hafen, A. Lutterotti), long-standing experience in many aspects of the disease MS (Martin, Schippling, Sospedra, Lutterotti) and in development of new treatments and experimental clinical trials (A. Lutterotti group with others at Neuroimmunology and MS Research).

The teams are supported by motivated and specialized staff (technicians, study nurse, coordination) and have access to a sound and well-equipped infrastructure.

Group pciture 2019
Group picture - Kick off meeting 2019


Organigram Precision MS